Chilled Diary

Chilled Diary

Cheese, Fresh Milk, Yougurt, Chutni & Butter.

Adam Cheese Cheddar Slices 200 gm


Adam's promises to give you natural cheese without any additives and artificial flavors. This 200 g pack of Adam's Cheddar Cheese is handy yet ample enough to provide you with the cheesy goodness your taste buds require and give your body its essenti..

Adam's Buffalo Mozzarella - 200 gm 1Pack


Mozzarella is a soft cheese known for its stringy nature. Adam’s specializes in producing high quality mozzarella which you can use to prepare pizza and several pasta dishes. Cheese made from 100% Pasteurized Buffalo Milk, Culture, Microbial Enzyme, ..

Adam's Cheddar Cheese - 200 gm 1Pcs


Cheddar is the most readily available form of cheese. Adam’s cheddar cheese is known for its distinct taste and texture. Produced on a state-of-the-art plant, Adam’s has consistently delivered high quality cheddar cheese for the last two decades. Che..

Adam's Pizza Cheese 200g 1Pack


Adam’s pizza cheese takes flavor from cheddar and texture from mozzarella to produce cheese especially for use in pizzas. Adam’s pizza cheese can be shredded, diced or placed in strips on the pizza for a smooth, soft and stringy feel to your dish. Ch..

Adam's Yogurt 400gm 1Pcs


Adams Yogurt Plain is an essential yoghurt product with premium quality and taste suitable for your needs. Add Adams Yogurt Plain to your shopping cart now and have it delivered to your doorstep..

Amson's Yogurt Pouch - 500 gm 1Pack


Made with high quality Pasteurized milk, Amsons natural yoghurt is best suitable for your household cooking needs. With no sugar added, Amson's yoghurt adds to the flavour of traditional cuisine and also brings you the multiple benefits that go with ..

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