Feminine Care

Feminine Care
Female Pads etc

Always Cotton Soft Maxi Thick 7 Pads


Always Cotton Soft Maxi Thick Long 8 Pads have been specifically designed to provide you with the ultimate protection and comfortable experience..

Always Maxi Thick Long 18 Pads


Always Maxi Thick Long 18 Pads Always is a renowned trademark of Procter & Gamble and deals female hygiene products. Its famous products include maxi..

Always Maxi Thick Extra Long 8 Pads


Always Maxi Thick Extra Long 8 Pad is another initiative by Always to make you feel more free and confident during those special days ..

Always Ultra Thin Extra Long 7 Pads


then your life can turn into a living hell. Through its extra-absorbent features, these Always Ultra Thin Extra Long Gel Core 7 Pads can provide you the ultima..

Karite Snail Gel Make Up Fixer


Product details of Karite Makeup Setting Make Up Fixer Spray Snail Gel 200mlExcellent prep for makeupKeeps skin plump and softFast absorbingLightweightKarite makeup setting spray, mega moisturizing, rich, lightweight and fast absorbing. Keeps skin pl..

Miss London Cucumber Hair Removal 100g


Fresh Hair Removing Cream Cucumber. Rs. 500. Pakistan. Miss London Ross Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream For Dry Skin & Sensitive Skin..

Miss London Lemon Hair Removal 100g


It is wonderfully hydrating and provides an effective method for removing dead skin cells which can prevent the full effectiveness of the Charlie Locks ...Page navigation..

Safty HCG pregnancy Test strip (Urine) 1Pcs


The hCG Pregnancy Test Strip is used to determine hCG in urine specimens. This test ... telephone him or her immediately and make sure it is safe for your baby..

Spell Comport Hair Removal Cream 80g


Depilatory Cream Silk & Comfort for Sensitive Skin with Silk Proteins and Cotton Oil..

Veet Normal Skin Face Hair Removal 4 Pcs Wax Strips


Special, ready-to-use EasyGrip tab helps you develop expert technique to remove hair from the roots in one easy move. With repeated use, Veet Wax Strips give..

Veet Sensitive Skin Face Hair Removal Wax Strips 12 Pcs


 Hair Remover Face Wax Strips with Shea Butter & Acai Berries Fragrance, 12 wax ...  Warning: Do not use if you have very sensitive skin or are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide..

Veet Sensitive Skin Hair Removal 25g


The New Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream for Dry Skin comes with special skincare ingredient – Shea Butter, which is known for its moisturizing..

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